Sales and Marketing :
Is a Career in Sales the Right Move for You?
by Tim Bush

Just as every great salesperson should start a conversation with a question, I am going to begin by giving you a quiz.

Q. Which of these statements is incorrect? 
      a. You need to be fit to run a marathon 
      b. Learning a second language takes dedication
      c. Only people with the ‘gift of the gab’ make great salespeople

As the vast majority of you probably guessed, the answer is C. An obvious choice considering the subject of this article, although maybe also a surprising answer to those of you who consider salespeople to more closely resemble the film character ‘Jerry Maguire’.

What does all this mean? Mostly that there are thousands of people who could be successful salespeople and don’t even know it.

Success in sales isn’t exclusively for ‘wheeler dealer’ type personalities, but is more likely to be achieved by smart professional people with a good ear for listening.  

You often find that people with the least impetuous and most reserved personalities are the most successful. Colleagues who keep their partners awake at night shouting out ‘buy, buy, sell, and sell’ in their sleep seem to fall short.

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